Living Room Flooring Ideas For Every Style

Living Room Flooring Ideas For Every Style

Your living room is probably the most used room in your house after the kitchen. The style you create in this main room sets the tone for the rest of your home.
Your floors are a major component of your decorating theme, and depending on your choice of material and color, can be understated and secondary to other aspects of the room, or bold and striking, demanding attention from all who enter.

Unlike the kitchen and bathroom, where concerns of moisture damage or cooking mishaps limit the suitable choices, your living room can be styled with whatever flooring material most suits your decor, your family needs and your budget.


For comfort, classic style and endless choices in color and design, you can’t beat carpet. Carpet has many good qualities, including:

-Comfortable underfoot
-Insulates against cold and heat
-Muffles sound
-Nonslip, safe surface
-Wide price range, can be inexpensive
-Huge choice of colors and designs

But there are negatives to carpet also, including:

-Stains easily
-Difficult to keep clean, frequent cleaning can be expensive
-Holds onto allergens such as dust, pollen, mites, dander

Carpet works with any decorating theme, although it best complements traditional, contemporary, retro or shabby chic decor.


Another classic choice, hardwood provides a natural, warm beauty that adds to the value of your home. There are many patterns available in thin strips, thicker planks, or parquet designs. Wood tones range from the lightest maple to the darkest mahogany, and every shade in between.
Hardwood is an excellent choice for the living room, with pros such as:
Adds value to your home
Easily cleaned
Good choice for those who have allergies
Scratches can be sanded out
There are cons to hardwood however, including:
Expensive to install
Can scratch or damage
Susceptible to water damage
Needs occasional refinishing
Can be noisy when walked on
Hard and slippery surface
Hardwood flooring complements every style of decorating, particularly country, Cape Cod, traditional, Victorian and Asian-themed.

Top 5 reasons to use felt rug pad

Rug protection
The first and foremost function and benefit of any rug pad is to extend the life of an area carpet or rug. Rugs are placed in rooms to give it a warmer and a more welcoming appearance. The use of furniture or walking over the rugs results in premature wear and pointless harm to the carpet/rug.  Thus, rug pads are used to avoid any such stress or pressure caused by these variables and can be used properly while maintaining its original look and condition.
Protection to the Floor
Usually rugs that are used on floors experience pressure, so using a rug pad protects them from bearing any such pressures. For instance, wearing high heels are known for pushing through the rug and denting the floor, thus, a rug pad if used resists such penetration. Similarly heavy furniture that is placed on the carpet or rug can also push through it and dent the floor. This is precisely why felt rug pads are recommended to be used as they are thick enough to manage such pressures.

Providing Comfort
Felt rug pads have many varieties in terms of thicknesses and densities; each providing comfort to its own level. However, using a thick one under a carpet or rug makes it more enjoyable while playing or sitting on it.
Noise Reduction
Customers living mostly in apartments prefer heavy felt rug pads as they offer noise reduction. It basically absorbs the load that may create noise from the floor. While choosing a felt rug pad, one must select one that provides the highest protection against noise (a 40-ounce dense rug pad is usually recommended). However, if you choose any thin pads that are non-slip, no guarantee for any good quality for noise reduction is given.

Providing Insulation
During winter season cold floors give an uncomfortable feeling and the room demands more warmth. Thus, the right rug pad can help in insulating and to keep the room warm. These felt rug pads have extraordinary thermal materials that keep the floors warm. But a thinner one does not have the ability to effectively do so. The thicker the felt rug pad or the greater its density in other words, the greater is the insulation. The most recommended felt rug pad is a 40-ounce dense pad that provides insulation more than any other and can be used even in extreme cold climates.
Thus, if one intends to buy a new area rug, then they need to ensure they select the right felt rug pad for it too. However, if there is already a rug which is without a rug pad, then it is better to get the right felt rug pad. This little investment can result in extended safety, condition and protection of your rug.

10 Amazing Tips to Buy The Best Rug Pad

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABuying rug pads can be quite confusing for a lot of people because of the plethora of options there are in the market. On the one hand there are cheap qualities that claim extensive durability, while on the other hand, there are those that claim to be a bit expensive but offer great comfort. Which one makes the best option for you is what this article will help you with.
•    Know Your Priorities – buying a certain rug pad is as much a personal choice as it is determined by any other factor. You may want a plush treatment to your new oriental rug, or you might want just the most basic rug pad for your kitchen rug. Thus, it depends on your priorities as to the purpose you need to for.
•    Keep the Budget in Mind – there are expensive as well as cheap varieties in the market. Many will lure you into buying them because of their utility, durability, etc. but will be dear. Know how much your budget allows you to spend on a rug pad and stick you the side that sells those in your budget or cheaper variants of it. You do not want to end up spending more.
•    Are you socially responsible? – this is another question you may want to ask yourself before opting for rug pads for hardwood floors or any other type. If you are the conscientious type and believe on buying environmentally friendly products, this is another thing you need to ensure when buying a rug pad. There are many green options available that have been certified by some of the most reliable organizations. Make sure you read the label properly though.
•    Where is the rug placed? – while this may sound irrelevant, it isn’t. The place where the rug is determines the kind of rug pad you may be looking for. If it is in the bedroom, you may want to go for a thick padding that ensures enough cushioning for the rug to be used comfortably as a sitting area. If it’s in the kid’s room, you would want it to be non-toxic and made of natural fibers. Moreover, it also needs to be thick especially if your baby crawls or if your toddler loves to play with his/her toys. At the same time if the rug is in your corridor or hallway, you might want a thin rug pad to avoid accidents involving people falling because of the sudden protrusion.
•    Climatic Factor – your rug pad can also be a great way to keep your indoors cool or warm according to the climate of your area. If you live in a warmer region, getting a thin rug pad would be ideal as it will insulate the least amount of heat. However, if you live in a colder region, getting a thick rug pad would be ideal as it will help the rug insulate more heat and keep your rooms warm.
•    The Size of the Rug Pad – you might think that you need to buy a rug pad that has the exact dimensions of your rug but it is untrue. Always buy a rug pad that is an inch smaller on all sides. This enables the rug itself to drop to the floor and keep people from falling over or tripping. The use of this tactic will also ensure that the rug doesn’t fray, increasing its life.
•    The Type of Floor – the thickness of the rug pad depends on the type of floor you have the rug on as well. If you have a hard floor, for instance that of wood or concrete, you will require a thicker rug pad. This will ensure that the real purpose of the rug is fulfilled: a comfortable walk on the rug that is warm and easy. Thus know the kind of floor you have and buy rug pads for hardwood floors accordingly.
•    Perfect Candidates for Hardwood Floors – the major issue as far as hardwood floors are concerned is that they are prone to get scratched easily. Any substance like rubber latex will easily leave ugly lines on the floor. Thus, make sure the material of the rug pad does not cause it. Jute is an excellent solution in this case. There are other options available to choose from in the market as well.
•    Is the rug placed over a carpeted floor? – you might wonder why you need rug padding when there carpet base provide with a reasonable friction and there is no danger of slipping. The use of a rug pad on a carpeted flooring is even more important because the rug may fold and the dye of the rug may seep into the carpet leaving an ugly stain, especially if the carpet is a shade lighter than that of the rug. To avoid that get an adhesive that is coated by polyester fabric. This will ensure no mix of dyes and keep your carpet as good as new.
•    Is your floor slippery? – while concrete provides friction, floors such as hardwood, tiles, etc. can prove to be very slippery. Thus, when buying a rug pad, make sure it has anti-slip qualities. While you want to add to the aesthetics of your room, you don’t want your rug to end up as a hazard.
You might not realize how complicated buying a rug pad is. But when you are invest in a household item, however small it is, thinking through and weighing the pros and cons always helps you make the best decisions. These are just some of the tips that will help you do the same. Happy rug pad shopping!

Getting Wooden Bath Mats

998fe5b6-4c29-4099-b2d2-e4fdfea53422A lot of homeowners don’t find it necessary to get a bath mat until slipping incidents after bathing happen. This type of mat should be available in your bathroom to avoid such accidents. There are two types of bath mats that are commonly found inside the bathroom. This includes the type of mat you put inside the tub and the other one which is placed outside the bathtub.

Bathroom mats prevent users from slipping while inside the tub and absorb the water from your body after you’re done bathing. Aside from preventing unwanted accidents, a mat inside the bathroom also let you avoid damaging floors, leaving stains and marks from dripping water after you shower.

Homeowners should also take care of these bathroom mats to ensure lasting life. It is necessary that you dry your bath mats after using. You can hang it up or put it in some place where air can circulate from under the mat. This will help avoid building up fungus and spread of bacteria around the house.

Bathroom mats are made from a lot of materials. Some are made from rubber backing while others make use of terry tower material. Other materials used for bathroom mats are cotton, plastic and wood. There are also a variety of colors to choose from sizes and shapes that would best fit your needs.


Wooden bathroom mats are a popular choice among homeowners. Not only that it brings a lot of benefits when used, wooden bathroom mats also serve as a functional décor. Wood bathroom mats are also made from natural materials like bamboo and teak. This makes you help preserve the environment while giving your bathroom an organic atmosphere.

There are also a lot of advantages in using wood bathroom mats compared to those made from rubber or cloth. Bathroom mats made of wood are durable and resilient. These are also less prone to rotting and do not wear off easily. Wood is also a strong material making it less easy to break apart. Wooden bath mats are also a good choice compared to rubber mats that break easily when constantly exposed to water.

Wooden bathroom mats can resist the growth of fungi and bacteria compared to rubber or cloth mats. This is probably the main reason behind the growing popularity of bathroom mats made of wood among homeowners. Wooden bathroom mats also look 10 times more stylish compared to rubber and traditional mats.contemporary-bath-mats

So if you’re considering giving your bathroom a great, enhanced classy look, getting a wooden bath mat is the perfect choice. You can place it either inside the bathroom or outside the bathroom door. Wood is also known to create a pleasant and relaxing feeling which can be very good especially when you are having a warm bath to calm your senses.

Aside from bathrooms inside the house, spa owners also choose getting a wooden bath mat. This brings their customers closer to nature with a more organic feel. Wooden bath mats are also a great choice for spa owners because of it compliments most spa interiors and concepts.

How To Decorate A Fireplace Mantel For Fall

How To Decorate A Fireplace Mantel For Fall
As the weather begins to cool and your family gathers around the living room fireplace, create a beautiful autumn mantel design to welcome the changing of the seasons. Richly colored leaves, inviting fall scents and classic harvest pumpkins make this mantel design as fun as it is stylish.
One of the classic icons of fall, leaves make the perfect, living room fireplace, mantel decoration. While it may be tempting to simply grab a handful of brightly colored fallen leaves from outside, natural leaves often crumble and can leave a mess around your home. Opt for fake, craft leaves available at craft, retail and home improvement stores. Ways to use leaves on your mantel

Scatter single, loose leaves down your mantel, made to look like they gently fell from a tree. Be sure to mix up the colors (if they are multi-colored) and arrange them in slightly different positions to appear natural.

Place large leaves under candleholders, small clocks, vases or other small accessories on your mantel.
If leaves are not loose, and attached to faux branches, gather the branches together like a flower arrangement and place in a clear glass or autumn colored vase to place on one end of the mantel.

Be careful not to set leaves too close to the fireplace opening, as fabric may catch on fire, and plastic can easily melt in high heat.

Another fall standard for decorations is the pumpkin. This gourd is easily styled to fit any home theme, from casual kid-friendly, to formal or Cape Cod nautical. Selecting the correct size of pumpkin, along with color, shape and finish ensures your fall decorated fireplace mantel blends perfectly into your home. While you can use real pumpkins, after more than a week, they can become soft and lose their shape. Try decorating with plastic, fabric or glass pumpkins to have a mantel design that will last year after year. Ways to decorate your mantel with pumpkins:
Very small, orange pumpkins are the most common form used for household decoration.
Place one small, orange pumpkin next to a candle or clock.
Place a line of small orange pumpkins down the line of your mantel.

To include your children in the process of decorating the mantel, let them paint faces on the pumpkins, or paint the whole pumpkin in yellow, brown, green or gold autumn colors.
Taller, thinner pumpkins make great end pieces for each side of the mantle.
Painting your pumpkins white, or finding certain varieties of pumpkins that naturally occur in white, allows them to easily blend in with modern or nautical themed home styles.

Candles always make a beautiful addition to any mantel, and fall is a great time to use scented and colored candles to enhance the decorative theme. Finding scents that match the season, and are enjoyed by you and your family is a crucial first step in decorating your autumn mantel, as you don’t want to fill your home with a smell that would bother anyone. Try buying small, tea light or votive sized candles in some autumn scents to check which ones you prefer before buying larger sizes. Ways to decorate your fall mantel with candles:
Pick candles in colors like brown, tan, gold, orange and dark green.Autumn-Harvest-candles-25265125-720-540
Some of the best autumn scents include pumpkin, wood scents, mulled cider and a variety of brand specific fall themed blends.
Use darker colored, rustic looking candleholders and lanterns for an autumn harvest theme.
Tall, thin candlesticks work well in formal living rooms, while thicker, tall candles offer a stylish and dramatic look.
Small tea lights or votives can be slipped inside glass or ceramic pumpkin decorations to mimic the look of jack-o-lanterns.